Regional Leo Orders Due by 2/16/2022!

Pictures for Senior Gifts Due by 2/16/2022!


I want to thank everyone for attending the YMCA Regional Championship Meet this year. On this page you will find information you need to have a great stay. If you have a question about something you can't find on the site, please contact us here.

We have many amazing offerings at this years Regionals. Some of those include pre-purchase apparel and leos, admission tickets, and raffle tickets. We are super excited to be offering these raffle tickets to help support the gymnastics program. The grand prize is a $2000 travel voucher with Palmer travel, as well as many awesome regional prizes. Please click on the buttons below to learn more about those offerings and purchase your apparel and tickets.

We are looking forward to hosting the meet and seeing everyone in April!


Mike Hickey

Sr. Gymnastics Director